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so let’s see how we can put your investment to work, find a great business idea for you and turn you into a successful entrepreneur! if you can get it up and running successfully, it can be a pathway not only to profits but also to excitement and getting to know fascinating people around the world. you can also arrange to contract out all of the inventory, packing and shipping work. and you will want to optimize your website to show up prominently in local search engine results. and you or your customer will have the added cost of shipping. of course, you can always advertise in the local newspaper and post your service on craigslist and in local online resources. work with realtors to get customer referrals, and make sure you take plenty of pictures of your work. whether you have a storefront or not, you’ll want to have an awesome website for this business. and secondly you need to have an audience who is interested in the type of product or service that you are promoting. unlike a restaurant or even a food truck, with this business, you can prepare everything in your own home and then deliver it to a client—or even have the client come and pick it up. with the right licenses and training, you can start a security company. you will absolutely need a private patrol license from the us department of consumer affairs before you can start your business, and that license requires a minimum of 12 months of experience as a guard. check them out for tips of the trade and to get a feel for some of your competition. offer to groom a few pets for free, and then use them as examples of your work on your website. also, take to the local newspaper with ads, and see if you can post a flyer in a local hardware or pool-supply store. this is the kind of business where you should be able to derive a nice steady income but you are not going to become a billionaire. and most of the work – the social media posting – you can do from the comfort of your home. but you can do a lot of that after the money from wholesale exhibitors has started to roll in. are you ready to be responsible for leading a group of people on an outdoor expedition?

if you can cook and drive and you don’t mind putting in some long hours, you can have a successful business in the portable-restaurant space. become a fixture on the local scene, and you won’t even have to move around much anymore—people will come to you. a lot of people can’t, so you might have a great business opportunity setting up and fixing home entertainment systems. remember that before you start your business, you’ll have to register as a tax preparer with the irs. you’ll also need to have a way to get props and other elements of the show booth to the show itself. learn how to start and run your business by watching the many courses on businesstown including start-a-business 101, how to create a business plan and the complete guide to digital marketing. you also need to be able to deal with people and deliver the bad news that a dream house might not be up to standard. one of the challenges of graphic design is that clients can be extremely demanding and expect you to work on tight deadlines. in fact, it could be as small as a cart if you can find a way to efficiently store your product and your equipment. maybe you could put flyers with coupons for a free cup of coffee under the doors of neighborhood houses, businesses and on car windshields. and you will, of course, need to have the patience and tenacity to deal with whomever your client puts in front of you. if you’re already a real estate agent for a large firm, you should have the contacts, skills and license to go out on your own. commercial real estate isn’t for the faint hearted, but if you can make it work, it can turn out to be a real gold mine. if you do contact people by phone, you are going to have much more of a chance of getting them on the phone again if you treat them with respect. and this is the kind of business you can start with a very low investment. with the right skills and tools, you can create a successful business doing local residential construction projects. before you start your own business, though, you might want to apprentice for a local locksmith and get some experience. you could end up filling a vital role in your community and making money at the same time. if you don’t have any experience as an electrician, don’t expect to start a business anytime soon. of course, you can advertise your business in a local paper or on craigslist or angie’s list—a particularly good place to get your name out to people looking for help doing very specific jobs.

each idea includes an overview of the business, a skill level recommendation needed to provide the service or create the product, ideas for marketing your business, and current average rates others are charging in this field. it’s time to capitalize on your talent and ideas by providing garment and fabric alteration services right from the convenience of a home workspace, and earn a bundle of money in the process. the business can be started with minimal cash, is a great part-time idea, and the profit potential is excellent, as rates for valet parking services are in the range of $50 to $70 per hour for a two-to-three person crew. the advantages for this startup idea in comparison to a full-service catering business are apparent: low overhead and initial investment, full-time or part-time operating hours and easy management from home. capitalize on your talents and earn a great full- or part-time income by teaching clients how to play your instrument of choice. if your idea is to work on a small scale, you can be the pet sitter. this is a terrific business idea for green-thumb entrepreneurs to stay active and fit because gardening work can be somewhat physically demanding, but at the same time earn an income in the range of $25 to $50 an hour. it’s a great way to get paid for the time you spend reading and surfing on the internet! the demand for social media and online marketing will only continue to grow, so your clients will be grateful you can keep them up-to-date with the changing online landscape and in front of consumers’ eyes. building and selling children’s toys is a great way to create cherished memories for children and to supplement your income at the same time. the items you purchase can be resold for a profit directly to collectors and vintage clothing retailers, at antique markets held on weekends, in an antique mall booth, or through vintage clothing online marketplaces and ebay. you can work on a mobile basis, full- or part-time, and travel to your client’s location. advertise this feature of the business by building alliances with antique dealers and interior designers who can refer their clients to your service. all can be purchased and resold to clients at a profit as you redecorate rooms or their entire house.

after expenses and dumping fees, you should have no problem earning in the range of $25 to $40 per hour. in addition to experience and tools, another prerequisite is that you have no fear of heights, as much of your time working will be spent on rooftops and ladders. you will also need to build a reliable team of contractors — the businesses and individuals who you can rely on to supply products and services for your events promptly and on budget. you will need a vehicle to transport the inflatables, and space to store them. you can also charge more to set up and maintain the farm, and go bigger by creating and managing rooftop gardens for restaurants. if you have a green thumb, an eye for landscape design, and the strength (or contractors or employees) to remove lawns, this could be the business for you. you should obtain certification, which is available at a variety of colleges — try to find a community college for the best pricing. this way, you can make the transition to full-time sales training as your business and client list grows. you can charge by the hour or day, and arrange for royalties depending on the type of photography you pursue. on average, you should be able to charge in the range of $25 to $35 per hour, plus materials and markup. purchasing government surplus and seized merchandise for pennies on the dollar of the original value and reselling to consumers at marked-up prices can also make you a great profit. in addition to a vendor’s permit, you may also have to obtain liability insurance, a health permit, and fire permit depending on goods sold. you can purchase a 3d printer for as low as a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars, so your investment will depend on the size of the objects you wish to print and the materials you wish to offer. in short, marketing consultants are the jacks-of-all-trades in terms of helping clients build their businesses, revenues, and profits.

harvard mba and serial entrepreneur bob adams gives you the best business ideas you can start with $10k or less. plus you’ll get his expert insight on each you can get started on a shoestring budget by baking and decorating right in your own kitchen. contact wedding planners, photographers, bridal shops, 15 businesses you can start for $10,000 or less. review these best business ideas for entrepreneurs on a budget., what business to start with 10k in the philippines 2021, business to start with 10k 2021, what business to start with 10k in the philippines 2020, best business to start with 10k.

here are some retail options for you to consider keeping your $10k investment budget in mind. vending machines. these machines full of snacks, we’ve compiled a list of 55 different businesses to start with $10k or don’t require much startup capital. etsy shops, daycares, blogging, and here are 20 exciting ideas for startup businesses under 10k: online freelancing food business online learning or tutoring outdoor activities, what business can i start with 10k as a student, what business to start with 10k philippines. what business can you do with 10k? can i open a business with 10k? what business i can start with 10000? what business can i start with 10k in philippines?

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