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“we are beyond thrilled to have alio and egrants as part of the linq family. “together, we’ll redefine the future of education by creating an ecosystem that empowers state and district administrators to meet the challenges of today while building the foundation for a better tomorrow.” adam hooks, president of erp and digital, explained why the acquisition of alio by linq further fortifies linq’s financial and human resource management solutions. the egrants division of harris, mackessy, and brennan (hmb) is an it solutions provider on a mission to deliver unmistakable value through its cloud-hosted grants management software platform for state organizations.

linq is the only company to deliver a full suite of integrated solutions to help the k-12 community improve operational efficiency, optimize financial performance, maintain state regulations, and increase participation in nutritional programs. weidenhammer is a pennsylvania-based consulting firm that created the alio business management suite. the organization helps mid-to-large-sized enterprises deliver custom technology solutions to their biggest challenges through the specialization of professional services, fax & digital transformation solutions and developing niche software products. the four partners at banneker have over 90 years of software investing and operating experience among them and have worked with companies ranging from $1 million to over $1 billion in revenue.

possessing a wide range of consulting, design, development, and engineering expertise – along with “best in class” technologies, and strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations, weidenhammer has helped thousands of companies to innovate and succeed in a digital world. our team brings you a long legacy of custom design, development and support of applications, fueled by collaboration. we’re driven to help keep you competitive and profitable. then, we work with you on strategy and architecture, design and procurement, and support and management to meet your business goals. the technology solutions you choose for your business should support your unique business objectives. at weidenhammer, we start by learning your business—and then use our extensive technology expertise to help your business thrive. weidenhammer looks… there’s a goldmine of intelligence hidden in your data.

weidenhammer can extract it, analyze it and help you use it to your strategic advantage. so why should you expect an off-the-shelf ecommerce solution to work perfectly for your business? we use the expertise of our entire team to make sure your ecommerce platform has all the power, flexibility and specific functionality your business needs. weidenhammer is a nationally established k-12 management software leader, and is structured to align the requirements of any school district with the best-suited technology applications. we blend our knowledge and expertise of all things digital with our focus on your customer and the needs of your business. to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of network solutions can be challenging for business leaders. we leverage today’s top technology to design an intelligent network that can react and change to the performance demands you’ll place on it tomorrow. the best security strategy addresses potential threats before they pose a threat to your organization.

the alio suite of financial management and human resources solutions provides our clients with robust applications for managing the complexities of today’s alio by weidenhammer offers the k-12 industry a best-in-class solution for managing the complexities of today’s dynamic school administration developed by weidenhammer, the alio suite of products includes: fund accounting; encumbrance accounting; general ledger; purchasing; accounts payable, alio portal, alio portal, alio company, alio online, alio login.

linq’s financial management system and human resources system automate district financial, payroll and personnel needs, providing online inquiries and alio is the next generation in software designed specifical- ly for financial management and human resources in school administration. alio offers education management software for k-12 schools. provides the suite of products include alio financial management software, alio intelligence,, alio employee portal login, my alio suffolk public schools, lpss alio, school finance software, alio payroll, alio ai, alio medical, alio ecsd, weidenhammer, alio phone number. what is alio software? what is financial software system? what features are available for financial software?

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