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so i decided to create a new system called flat fee financial planning that’s designed to eliminate all conflicts of interest without overcharging for professional advice. instead of further complicating your life, our financial planners put you in the driver’s seat, and we are here as a knowledgeable friend guiding you on where to turn. we’ve had a flood of new clients, we’ve had to expand our team, and we’re getting recognized in dozens of news stories all because we’re finally giving people what they really want: eric started in financial services in 2007 at a fortune 500 company and became a financial advisor in 2009 he worked his way up to become the managing director of a nationally recognized financial planning practice prior to starting abundo. ethan sought out abundo because of the company’s dedication to an innovative, true fiduciary, no conflict-of-interest business model.

lila brings both a literary and creative flair to her role as social media manager at abundo. she handles all social media posts and engagement and works hard to spread abundo’s mission of flat-fee financial planning to all the world. unofficially, he is a travel and points nerd who is working hard to advance our goal of helping clients have more life experiences for less money. she also lends her language and writing skills as editor-in-chief in all things abundo.

the s&p 500 is all the buzz everywhere you look! as business owners, you want help creating and managing a 401(k) because you are already extremely busy and you likely don’t want to devote additional time to a retirement plan. are you a business owner trying to make sense of the 401(k) world? it is… at fulfilled finances, we work together in determining whether you are on track to meet your goals and then outline your path to overall financial success. this refers to the process of collecting and managing cash flows. investment management is another key component of financial planning. how can you make up for lost time if you started investing late? by working with a financial planner and creating a plan, you can reduce the burden of student  loans for their higher education.

tax planning is a way to find out how much money you are paying on tax and also a way to help minimize the tax liability (the amount owed) through the use of allowances, deductions, exclusions, and exemptions. a financial plan allows you to have that peace of mind. life is busy for our clients but with our guidance, they know they can accomplish anything through a solid plan of action. being a high-income earner and thinking about the future when you have such a demanding career is not easy. we review your pension benefits, your employee perks, and help you create a financial plan that sets you up for success. we help them set up a financial plan to help them plan accordingly so they are aware of their options. paying off your student loans as fast as possible, when you have other financial goals, might not be the best plan for you. fulfilled finances llc is a registered investment advisory firm in the state of california. investment securities products and services are available only to residents of ca.

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