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quantivate compliance management software for banks provides a powerful solution for managing a wide variety of regulatory and compliance processes and ensuring accountability throughout banks of all sizes. the software delivers key features to monitor pertinent regulations and other requirements, organize compliance documentation, run risk assessments, and demonstrate proof of compliance through robust reporting. single sign-on (sso) allows you to utilize your bank’s data (active directory) to automatically sign into the quantivate platform without entering your username and password.

quantivate compliance management software for banks provides a centralized platform for tracking regulatory and legal changes and requirements, organizing compliance documentation, and managing compliance processes, with features including: business law firm farleigh wada witt (fww) offers regulatory updates in the form of compliance alert emails (an optional service) and content within the software. our compliance alerts are written by experienced compliance attorneys who translate the complex regulatory language and provide an executive summary and action items. each fww compliance alert includes the following content to help you determine if and how the new rules impact your bank’s operations.

“without compliancepro®, i would not have had the same level of confidence in our monitoring of today’s complex regulatory requirements.” compliancepro® is the compliance management software that positions you to optimize your performance while minimizing your expenditures of both time and money. risk-focused: always current and offers concise instruction for compliance monitoring along with the pertinent regulatory citations  maintained by compliance experts: as regulations change, compliancepro® is updated to provide accurate monitoring procedures for your institution. easy access: the bank software is browser-based, and authorized staff may access compliancepro® from different workstations and different branches. compliancepro® has an efficient risk management module that enables financial institutions to assess compliance risk and monitor and address compliance performance. as fully automated browser-based compliance management software, compliancepro® enables you to assess the inherent risk in your products and services, as well as mitigating controls to lower that risk.

it then links the residual risk to monitoring procedures designed to manage compliance performance. offers assignments by business line or filter by regulation. a comprehensive compliance calendar to schedule and track compliance monitoring activities. ability to record and track plans for corrective action. a compliance risk management module to track each line of business’ inherent risk and overall residual risk after mitigating internal controls are applied. set compliance monitoring category risk scores and found issues based on the institution’s risk assessment.

quantivate compliance management software for banks centralizes regulatory change management, compliance monitoring, reporting & more in one system. fis™ offers solutions to enhance your fraud program, prevent anti-money laundering and bank secrecy issues, combat cybercrime and ensure that your staff is the banking compliance software from accusystems is the trusted solution by community and regional banks throughout north america. bank compliance, fisglobal, fisglobal, fiserv, what is compliance?.

be proactive with banking compliance software solutions ; products. onbase sharebase brainware acuo nilread pacsgear lawlogix enterprise search. as fully automated browser-based compliance management software, compliancepro® enables you to assess the inherent risk in your products and services, complysci helps compliance leaders monitor ethics and compliance, building customized workflows around firm policies. our compliance monitoring software, . which software is best for banking? what is a banking compliance program? what is fis tool? what software do banks need?

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