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the main business of broadridge is as a service provider supplying public companies with proxy statements, annual reports and other financial documents, and shareholder communications solutions, such as virtual annual meetings. these changes were made to allow more trades to happen, and for them to happen faster, in response to demand from the markets. [5]: 1–2  immobilization led to greater need for such intermediaries and created a new situation where shareholders voted by proxy instead of directly, and this in turn led a new industry to manage the shareholder voting process. [5]: 1–2, 48  prior to this industry transformation, banks and brokers typically maintained in-house proxy departments for handling these processes. [5]: 48  at the end of march, 2007, adp spun-out the entirety of their shareholder communications activities, resulting in the formation of broadridge financial solutions.

[5]: 27 [6] in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007–2008, congress evaluated many aspects of corporate governance, including shareholder communications and proxy voting. [8]: 2  by 2013, the company had retained its predominant position in the proxy processing market. [8]: 17  in the summer of 2016, broadridge acquired the north america customer communications (nacc) unit of dst systems, a kansas city-based business services provider, which provided the company with addressing information for about 75% of all public company shareholders in the united states and canada. [9] this was a strategic investment by broadridge, allowing for the combination of broadridge’s retail data and analytics with spence johnson’s data and analytics focused on money flows between firms, two distinct intelligence dimensions. [10] in march 2020, broadridge completed its acquisition of fundslibrary, a leader in fund document and data dissemination in the european market.

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