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our professional counselors will listen respectfully and support you in reviewing your situation. we’ll suggest services and options that support your goals. and we’ll connect you with information or specialized counselors to support your individual needs. you’ll pay off debt faster, save money, and have the caring support of our team. talk to one of our student loan advisors. we’ll explain the options and create a plan for reaching your financial goals. it all starts with a conversation. we’re here to support you in making decisions that make your life better, happier and more satisfying.

general financial counseling, including credit counseling, debt counseling are free. the first general financial counseling session takes about an hour, although it will depend on your unique situation and what you need to accomplish your goals. appointments are needed for in-person counseling, and you can call us to schedule during regular business hours. we can complete as much you have time for, and finish up at a more convenient time. one of the first things a counselor will do with you is put together your budget. having an idea of your income and expenses is helpful. all client information is secure and confidential. greenpath financial wellness is a trusted national nonprofit with more than 60-years of helping people build financial health and resiliency.

our nonjudgmental financial counselors are here to assist you with creating a plan so you’ll feel confident in managing your finances. our free and confidential services are available nationwide by phone or virtually. for in-person appointments view our office locations to find a location near you! call 888.577.2227 to schedule a phone or virtual appointment at a time convenient for you. please note: to limit the spread of the coronavirus, we are currently offering phone, virtual and online appointments only. if you are seeking guidance for student loan debt or housing issues, please call us at 888.577.2227 to schedule a phone appointment. in order for your financial counseling session to be most productive, it is helpful to have the following information available: “i am on a debt management plan with lss and i have to tell you, i got teary eyed when i read my statement today. and my goal will be to not take out or charge any new debt on credit cards. i am so sick of the vicious cycle and i can’t even tell you the tears i have shed over my financial situation.

i would be so honored if this statement could help even just one person make the decision to work with lss” — marcia from minnesota “i was at the point where i had nothing. i owed more on my car than it was worth. i was frightened, and what was worse, i was ashamed. i started talking to one of lss’ financial counselors, and i was ready to listen to anything she had to say. with the reduced interest, it was amazing how fast the bills got paid off – and ahead of schedule. i became uncomfortable with it, and when i found out about lss financial counseling through my employer, i reached out for support and advice. because my job was stable, i had a fair amount of savings, and my debt was perpetually accruing interest, he suggested that i focus on the debt and suggested options for doing so. i chose to pay off the by making larger payments over several months. it is very freeing to know that that this burden is now gone, and i can take the money i was using to pay down the debt and start building up again.

at greenpath we offer free debt counseling. our professional, caring counselors will support you. make a plan to call us. the national foundation for credit counseling is the most trusted nonprofit financial counseling organization. get out of debt in 24-60 months. we offer a debt management plan, and are committed to providing comprehensive money management education and counseling. day, time(pst). monday–thursday, 7:30, free financial counseling near me, free financial counseling near me, nonprofit credit counseling near me, financial counseling free, accredited financial counselor near me.

financial therapy practitioners come from a variety of home disciplines, approaches, and areas of find a financial therapy professional using our network. we believe all people can overcome their debt and find financial balance. a plan of action with our free and confidential debt and budget counseling. for in-person appointments view our office locations to find a location near you! we have counselors who are fluent in english, spanish and hmong., financial counseling program, free credit counseling near me. is the nfcc legitimate? what is the difference between a financial counselor and a financial advisor? what does a credit counselor do? what is an fcaa?

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