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we gave up our regular landline phone in 2013, but do have an ooma device ($4 / month) mostly so that if my wife and i are out of the house that the kids would have a way to contact us in emergencies. this is probably the one area of our family budget that i feel like we have the least control of. we don’t really do that as much now (too much time, and the rules have changed to make it a lot harder with no double coupons where i live), but we still try to keep things on the cheap – our monthly food budget is about $600-700. as for my car, the story of how i wrecked my old 1998 honda civic and ended up getting a car that was 8 years newer and with 60,000 fewer miles for about $1,000 out of pocket is a great one, and worth telling, but i’ll have to save that for another time :-d another big one on a sample budget for family of 8 is childcare. my wife and i both have iras, and we contribute up to the match on our 401k. we made the choice to have 6 kids, and when we did, we knew that it would mean that some of our other choices in life might be limited. i like to say that a budget is not supposed to be something that holds you back but instead a tool that helps you not spend money on things that aren’t as important to you so that you still have money left to spend on the things that are important to you that’s a great point, dan! college can be a useful tool and like i said in the article, any of my kids that want to go to college as part of a plan for their future, we will help to make it happen. we homeschool our older kids and plan to integrate college classes either online or at a community college into our plans when it makes sense when they get a little older i do think that there is something to be said for the college “experience” and learning how to live on your own and grow up, but i think if my kids want to try that, they can figure it out on their own dime, ya know? that food budget is amazing as well considering that ours can come close to $500 a month for the two of us! we have a grocery budget of $475/month but we have extra leftover every month so i think we’re doing pretty good with that and still manage to eat well. @laurie – i know – our food budget is still pretty low, but the thing that is difficult for me is the feeling of a lack of control on it.

we have a family of 6 and spend less than $400/month on groceries, but considering that our children are getting older, we may soon be going over the $400 mark. my wife and i do some saving for it, but they will still have to work for the rest or get scholarships. i personally think that the cost of higher education is out of control and for most schools/programs, you do not get a good return on your investment and i secretly pray my son will want to go to trade school and become an electrician. the fact that you only spend $50,000/year for 8 people is very inspiring, we are planning to have a baby maybe next year, and am afraid by how much our expenses will go up. @mel – i think that is the key and a good lesson for new parents. you may be interested in the post about how we helped a family of 5 get to berlin a few months ago started reading this article and then realized that this is a guy with a horrible rap in the blogging world for stealing and “reurposing” content. i went through college in the amount of time i was supposed to and was lucky to have a full scholarship. we have two kids but they’re twins and so would technically be starting college at the same time but i’m pretty relaxed about it. basically, the idea is instead of starting from a budget number and trying to go down, just start at $0 and look at what you need (and/or want) to have thanks for the post. 3 boys 3 girls 10, 5, 3, 3, 2 and 1. trying to get out of debt and raise a family on one income isn’t easy but i love how you lay everything out we also have 6 children, ages 2 months-8 years. we are a family of 8 with 6 kiddos under the age of 9. i find this budget somewhat crazy unrealistic for our area as well as my husband’s line of work. we do have some debts that you don’t have, so that could be part of it as well.

they are 27 and 28, live in sheboygan, wis., are married and have a son and a daughter, who are 4 and 2. for lauren and trevor koch of sheboygan, making their finances work on one salary was a struggle. ms. koch decided to give up her job as a restaurant server after the couple had the first of their two children. mr. and ms. koch both have more than $70,000 in loan debt for college educations they never completed, meaning a good chunk of their money is effectively gone every month before they have spent anything at all. ms. espinosa said they would like to save for a down payment on a home and for the girls’ college educations.

they are 35 and 34, live in san francisco, are married and have one infant daughter. the couple welcomed a baby girl in may, meaning their income will have to stretch even further: they will likely spend roughly two-thirds of their take-home pay on child care and rent on their two-bedroom apartment. they accounted for three-quarters of the rise in income among middle-class families in that time. once they were ready to buy, they didn’t reach for a more spacious house in the parts of town where two-car garages are the norm. they also have the good fortune of having what mr. schluckebier calls “spectacular” retirement and health benefits at work.

the budgets estimate community-specific costs for 10 family types (one or two adults with zero to four children) in all counties and metro areas in the united first and foremost on a sample budget for family of 8 is the dreaded mortgage. my mortgage runs about $2,000 / month including taxes and examine the typical american family’s monthly budget, line by line, and a larger story emerges about how the middle class has evolved., budget for family of 4 making 100k, family budget calculator based on income, family budget example, family budget example, sample budget for family of 5.

7. have monthly budget meetings. monthly budget meetings are one of the best ways to keep those open lines of communication about money going our grocery budget included food only. our food budget was for two adults and 3 children, 8,7 and 3. i buy almost everything at one store and stock up buying average household budget most u.s. households have the same major categories of expenses, which give us a roof over our heads, food in our, family budget calculator, what is family budget, sample budget for family of 4, sample budget for family of 6. how much should a grocery budget be for a family of 7? is 100k enough for a family? how much money does a family of 5 need? is 60000 a year good for a family?

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