c88 financial technologies

experian is making its first major bet on southeast asia and its population of over 650 million consumers after the financial credit giant backed singapore-based c88 financial technologies, which operates financial marketplaces that help lenders reach new audiences. unlike some parts of the world, fintech challengers in southeast asia are working with the existing financial institutions to help them reach segments of the population that are not addressed today. “but that can change with the advent of digital-enabled societies, data and mechanisms to price on an individual basis.

that hits on a chord that’s noticeable across southeast asia: unlike other regions where credit and financial products seem rigid and almost unfriendly to consumers, the industry in southeast asia is working to be more relatable to consumers. in indonesia, for example, one product c88 offers is with dbs, the region’s largest bank, and some of the eligibility data is related to operator telkomsel, which has over 190 million customers. beyond unsecured loans and insurance, the company is also dipping its toes into asset management, although the c88 ceo concedes that this market is smaller — in terms of sheer numbers, at least. while he didn’t rule out the possibility in the future, he said that “the initial focus is to be a valuable investor and a good partner in the business.” ellis, the c88 ceo, believes there’s an opportunity to work very closely with the new investor beyond new credit scoring systems they are jointly cooking up.

data and ai-driven financial technology solutions. we are a market-leader in financial services technology serving blue-chip b2b clients across a c88 connects banks and insurers in asia to consumers buying financial products online. c88 is one of the largest financial technology companies in southeast asia, having served over 20 million customers in indonesia and the philippines since, caxe technologies, caxe technologies, c88 crunchbase, cekaja, c88 fuel.

c88 owns and operates high-traffic, licensed and regulated, transactional financial e-commerce websites that offer retail and small business consumers an c88 financial technologies is a privately-held financial technology company in southeast asia. the company designs and builds essential financial technology c88 financial technologies, design and build essential financial technology infrastructure, from market-leading financial marketplaces, to modern credit, snapworks corporation, helicap job, helicap funding societies, arcor capital.

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