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turnkey lender’s solutions are gdpr compliant out of the box and assist lenders with aml and kyc compliance. a flexible system that can meet your need for scalability. from application processing, borrower evaluation, and credit decisioning to servicing, payment collection, reporting, and more. turnkey lenders is being used and tested with all the third-party product and service providers that help streamline e-lending. it combines traditional and alternative scoring approaches and data sources to help your business approve only the right loan applications and borrowers.

at the same time, the turnkey lender team is always at your service and ready to customize your solutions. turnkey lender team is at your service 24/7 ready to help you use your solution to the fullest. our robust and flexible platform delivers paperless processes and efficient workflows. we know how to simplify the process. you choose the features and functionality that meet your unique requirements, and our technical team will create a seamless lending program for your bank.

these innovative, inclusive lending programs are making an incredible impact in underserved urban and rural areas across the country, one loan at a time. consistent outreach and events help build, foster, and maintain strong relationships with clients, partners, donors, and the public. loan management software is one of those foundational tools, and in this post we’ll share why salesforce is an ideal platform for community lenders. how do you want to engage with your clients and the community at large? taking a closer look at why ivytek finance and salesforce is an ideal loan management product for cdfis, here’s how some of our features specifically benefit nonprofit lenders: innovative loan origination, underwriting, servicing, collection, and compliance features all in one place makes managing documents and workflows efficient for your entire team. create branded, user-friendly application and borrower portals, which allow your clients to easily access and manage their accounts.

in addition to 125+ built-in database reports, ivytek finance offers countless customizable reporting options. at its heart, salesforce is a customer relationship management (crm) tool, and one of the most powerful in the world at that. if your lending solution is built on this platform, you can also take advantage of salesforce marketing cloud for your development and stewardship efforts. through a mix of anecdotal stories and data, you can show how your services connect to your mission and impact the community. ivytek finance, built on the powerful salesforce cloud, is a complete loan management solution — and a perfect platform for community lenders. ivytek, inc. is a family-owned and operated company that produces custom software.

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the fund and ef kearney welcome cdfis, cdes, and software developers to certify their downhome loan manager, fy 2014, cdfi, 9/25/2014, 9/26/2014. safely score and approve loans for your cdfi community with ai-driven credit scoring and loan decision rules. integrations with credit bureaus, payment turnkey lender provides advanced, affordable online lending software that streamlines loan origination, account management, and payments processing., downhome bank, downhome solutions, cdfi loan forgiveness.

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