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there are many benefits to someone who is compensated solely by what they charge directly to clients, and not from the commissions earned from the sale of financial products or financial transactions. one of the major benefits of selecting a fee-only advisor is the freedom from the inherent conflict of interest that can arise when a significant portion of the advisor’s income comes from selling financial products to you. for wealthy individuals who are willing and able to pay a substantial retainer, a fee-only advisor could be the right choice. if you’re working with an advisor who receives a percentage of the portfolio, can you always be sure that their advice is not tilted towards keeping as much of your money under advisement as possible?

there is a degree of overlap in the membership of the garrett planning network and napfa. here is a link to the cfp® board’s find a financial planner section of their site. a financial advisor can apply to those who help you plan and also to those who manage the money in your portfolio and investment accounts. aside from asking around, you can zero in on a fee-only financial advisor by going to organizations that specialize in the same. of course, fees are an up-front expense—but make no mistake, the commissions paid to a financial advisor also come out of your pocket in the form of lower returns on your investment.

every financial planner, financial advisor and investment manager on feeonlynetwork.com has been vetted to meet the high standards of the the national association of personal financial advisors (napfa) for strict fee-only compensation and ethical obligation. they’ll give you a fixed price up front for their services, regardless of the product they recommend. “fee-only financial planners have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. “financial advisors who work on commission have to decide whether to recommend the product that’s right for you or the product that will make them a fat commission. that’s why a fee-only financial advisor is by far the best choice.” the comprehensive financial advisor diagnostic, created by the napfa is a thorough questionaire you can use to evaluate a financial advisor.

the questions and popular answer key will help you make an informed decision based on the responses a financial advisor provides. search only financial professionals that are verified to be fee-only, fiduciary, and independent as defined by the national association of personal financial advisors (napfa) search advisors that offer a variety of specialties and service models – financial planning, asset management, project based, and other arrangements. advisors pay an annual fee (and are routinely vetted) to have a comprehensive profile page and listing on feeonlynetwork.com. feeonlynetwork.com does not make any recommendation or endorsement as to any advisor, financial planner or other service, product, entity or individual or to any material submitted by third parties or linked to or from this website. if you’re seeing this message, it’s because the web browser you’re using to access our site is much older and no longer supported. in order to access whyfiduciary.com, please use a newer browser, like internet explorer 10 or above, google chrome, or mozilla firefox.

a fee-only financial advisor’s costs can range greatly, depending on their expertise and years of experience, their region, and the services they offer. a flat fee-only financial advisors may be paid hourly, as a retainer, as a percentage of assets (aum), or as a flat fee, depending upon the planner you choose. verified and vetted fee-only (no commission) financial advisors and certified financial planner™ professionals. search for financial advisors in your city, .

hiring a fee-only financial planner offers important benefits: fewer conflicts of interest, a focus on advice, and flexible payment models. fee-only financial advisors act as a “fiduciary,” a term you may hear thrown around; it means they are obligated to put their clients’ interests if a financial planner or financial advisor is fee-only, that means they receive compensation solely from the fees clients pay from their, . what is a fee-only advisor? what is the difference between fee-based and fee-only advisory? what does it mean to be fee-only? is it worth paying a financial advisor 1%?

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