financial decision in financial management

in other words, it is a decision on the ‘capital structure’ of the company. dividend refers to that part of the profit which is distributed to shareholders. in other words, investment decision relates to the selection of assets, on which a firm will invest funds. financial manager has to determine the proportion of debt and equity in capital structure. payment of dividends should be analysed in relation to the financial decision of a firm. a finance manager has to decide what percentage of after tax profit is to be retained in the business to meet future investment requirements and what proportion has to be distributed as dividend among shareholders. assets and liabilities which mature within the operating cycle of business or within one year are termed as current assets and current liabilities respectively.

the decision is basically taken about proportion of equity capital and debt capital in total capital of the firm. if a firm needs funds for investment in available projects and the cost of external financing is higher, then it is better to retain profit to meet the requirement. most of the investment decisions are uncertain and a complex process as it involves decisions relating to the investment of current funds for the benefit to be achieved in future. one of the key objectives of working capital management is to ensure liquidity position of a firm to avoid insolvency. short term investment decisions are the decisions related to day to day working of a business enterprise. financing decisions consider the degree of control the business is willing to dilute. a company with stable earnings is not only in a position to declare higher dividends but also maintain the rate of dividend in the long run. the share price is directly related to the rate of dividend declared by the company.

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there are four main financial decisions:- 1. capital budgeting or long term investment decision 2. capital structure or financing decision 3. dividend decision financial decisions are the decisions that managers take with regard to the finances of a company. these are crucial decisions for financial management refers to the acquisition, financing and management of assets. this decision-making process is very sensitive and must be under the control, what is financial decision, what is financial decision, investment decisions in financial management, financial decision pdf, financing decision example.

financing decisions refer to the decisions that companies need to take regarding what proportion of equity and debt capital to have in their capital structure. this plays a very important role vis-a-vis financing its assets, investment-related decisions, and shareholder value creation. the financing decision is a crucial decision that is to be made by the financial manager, the decision is about the financing-mix of an organization. strategies to make better financial decisions 1. perform financial statement analysis 2. estimate the financial impact of projects and financial management classifies financial decisions under three main categories: investment decisions, financing decisions, and dividend decisions. 1., dividend decision in financial management, financial management decisions ppt. what are the 4 financial decisions? what are the 3 types of financial management decisions? what is financing decision give an example? what are the importance of financial decisions?

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