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financial software programs typically provide historical data; the ability to directly compare two investments and visually represent the comparison in a way that is easy for the client to grasp; and a variety of equity evaluation formulas for stocks, including risk and volatility measures such as sharpe, beta, and sortino ratios. considered one of the most comprehensive programs and launched in 2001 by pietech, it quickly rose to the top of the ranks and shows no signs of losing market share. the survey also revealed that emoney is the top software program that advisors are thinking about adding to their arsenal of financial planning resources. another noteworthy feature is the emoney client portal (emx) that allows clients to access a printout of their finances at any time.

however, there is plenty of opportunity for customization, and the ability for advisors to create illustrations and models for clients is one feature that adds to the appeal of rightcapital. with a lower cost than programs such as moneyguidepro and emoney advisor, money tree’s silver financial planning program is designed for use primarily by bankers. while advicent offers multiple products designed to suit a wide range of financial advisors’ needs, naviplan is the most comprehensive and useful program available. naviplan offers one of the most detailed cash management modules and visually superior side-by-side onscreen comparisons of investments, as well as monte carlo scenario simulations to help keep the information up to date.

if you’re a financial advisor yourself, there are also plenty of software options that you can use to help you build plans for your clients. mint is one of the most popular free financial planning tools on the market. wealthtrace is a financial planning program that both individuals and advisors can use. one of the features that’s integrated within this software is called play zone, which utilizes sliders for retirement age, financial goals and more to illustrate how financially successful a client’s retirement could be.

emoney advisor offers a hefty suite of financial planning services for advisor firms and large advisory enterprises. the software allows advisors to complete a big picture, in-depth and advanced cash flow analysis for their clients. what he likes best about the software is its “ability to integrate accounts, client vaults and strategic tax planning for retirement planning.” rightcapital also offers a mobile-friendly user-interface, which tech-savvy advisors may appreciate. fortunately, there are several online services that make it easier to build a financial plan and track your saving and spending.

among the top financial planning software programs used by professional financial advisers, according to a recent survey, are moneyguidepro emoney allows our team to adapt the planning experience to meet a wide range of client needs, while empowering clients of any age to own their financial financial planning software for financial advisors moneyguidepro emoney advisor moneytree rightcapital, .

a financial advisor’s guide to choosing the best financial planning software, including software reviews and pricing information. moneytree: an early pioneer in financial planning software, moneytree was founded in 1981 to provide advisors and planners with mathematically advanced tools the best financial planning software for advisors & individuals personal capital — best overall for advisors & investors quicken — track personal finances and, . what kind of software do financial advisors use? which is the most commonly used financial planning tool? is 1% good for a financial advisor? who are the top 5 financial advisors?

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