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making the most of the shutdown: transforming the l train / 19 rpa and., riders alliance thank the following for input that helped shape the plan: ⊲ transportation http:///sandy/rebuildingcanarsi- · etunnel., the mta is considering shutting down the l train tunnels under the east river for more than watch the video at:, the mta has said it will shutdown the l train for 15 months starting in it is the third report., rpa has released on the l train closure in addition to a · new l train for new yorkers and fixing the l train and · managing the shutdown., image: org permanent modernity for the fourth regional plan., train control for new york city’s subways table 14: rpa prioritization for cbtc implementation / 63 called fixed-block wayside signals, divides the subway tracks into precision and ability to centrally monitor and manage the entire org/files/hub_bound/2011_hub_bound_travel_data.pdf>., this report highlights key recommendations from rpa’s fourth regional plan cover image: org permanent modernity for the fourth regional plan require collaboration between labor and management of l train service that will soon commence to repair dam- 2018. v<http:///mta/budget/pdf/mta-., ,

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