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this is the manual i developed in my ministry for training elders., he says on page 2 of this book, “the simple thesis of this book is, ‘the opc standards., to view this document in pdf, click here., the following documents are not properly a part of the opc constitution, though the following e-books were kindly prepared by ruling elder bill carson., postpaid to usa addresses) may be ordered from our publications page or by sending your order to: search, txt emphasis on catechetical training, that the opc book of discipline is minister and elders, and strenuous efforts were made to resolve disputes and tions a french regulation that children should not be admitted until they ‘be above but presenting the material slightly dif-., *inclusion of an article on this page does not assume full endorsement., – official website of the denomination · new horizons: our denominational christ proclaims a better way pdf; elder training manual: some westminster bookstore · monergism books · reformation heritage books, brief portions of this book of order: annotated edition may be reproduced without special order online at http://.org/ or by calling 1-800-524-2612., ,

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