intranet software for financial institutions

connect your people with the tools they need to give customers and members the service they deserve. the axero support team will help you plan it and customize it with your logo, links and company info, free of charge. highly customizable, well-thought-out, and deployment of new features is second to none. axero lets you create dedicated, dynamic workspaces for each of your teams, departments and groups to keep everyone up-to-date on news, files, events and conversations. in the financial and banking space, how you handle your data is critical.

pull up a membership report for quick insight on the roles your users have and all the spaces they’re part of. send invitations to people inside and outside your organization, add reminders, and add new members with a few clicks. set your intranet in motion with a launch package, where we work with you to develop an intranet strategy for implementing axero and getting your project off the ground. there’s virtually no learning curve and your people can step-right-in to get the job done. each customer gets their own independent database and instance of the axero software — each customer’s data is completely separate from one another.

with process automation, e-forms, centralised communication features, and policy management, our intranet and digital workplace software gives your teams everything they need to do their job in a secure and productive environment. over the last decade, our teams have worked with banks, credit unions, and financial institutions on projects of all scopes; from out-of-the-box financial intranet software deployments to full-scale custom development projects. build e-forms and workflows for any financial process your teams need, from internal purchase order requests to public-facing mortgage application forms. create and deliver training courses to your staff using our e-learning software. some areas of your financial intranet should only be accessible to certain teams or senior management.

your financial organisation must conform to specialised financial industry policies and procedures in order to operate. our policy management application allows you to manage the entire workflow of your policies, from creation and approval through to distribution and acceptance. our version-controlled document management system displays the latest version of each and every document, such as acceptance criteria for loans, eligibility checks, and account terms & conditions, so that your team are always working from up-to-the-minute information. providing your teams with a single space for collaboration will make sure that your staff can keep conversations focussed, and not get side-tracked by emails and constant app-switching. financial institutions, credit unions, and the banking industry are governed by complicated regulations that can be difficult to relay to customers. access every app, share information, and collaborate in one central workplace.

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