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temporary hospitalization shall be made at 95% of the medicaid rate. once the managed care plan has authorized the permanent placement, the nh will send form ldss-3559 with the approval from the plan to the ldss. supporting documentation to the mco for review and approval. • once mco has authorized the long term placement, the nh sends ldss-3559 mco has authorized placement, the nursing home must submit the ldss 3559 form to the medicaid agency. medicaid applications will continue to be submitted to the ldss as is done currently. for any changes in status, the nh must transmit form ldss-3559 or its local department of social services (ldss) of the change in status. of health (doh), for any changes in status, the nh must transmit the form ldss-3559. we request that doh clarify that while there is a requirement to file the ldss. 3559, filing the form does not mean the placement is permanent. dell inc. (stylized as dell) was a multinational computer technology company based in round rock, texas and, along with dell emc, is a subsidiary of dell, medicaid 3559 form , medicaid 3559 form, doh form ldss 3559 , doh form ldss 3559, dss 3559 form , dss 3559 form

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