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life-centred financial advice helps you to understand your financial future and allows you to see how you can spend your time doing what you want to do, helping the people you would like to help, experiencing new and exciting things and living the life you want to live. our experienced financial planners will help you to make smart decisions, allowing you to live in the present while being confident and prepared for the future. life-centred financial planning is all about helping you to have the extra time to do what you want to do. you may even have enough money already to spend all your time doing what you would really love to do.

at pyrmont wealth management we specialise in helping expats (from both uk and australia) in hong kong plan with ease and efficiency while also ensuring they have a robust plan for their future, regardless of where in the world they may like to go. if you would like to find out more about us, our fee-based approach, or our life-centred financial planning process then please get in touch today! would your loved ones be ok if something happened to you? having proper protection planning in place gives you the solid foundations to build your future financial plans on. pyrmont private wealth management’s team of professional financial advisors and financial planners in hong kong have decades of experience in providing fee-based, life-centred financial planning advice.

we chat to simon parfitt of pyrmont wealth management and discover the hidden value that a good financial advisor can bring, whether you’re newly arrived in hong kong or a long-stay expat. the foundation of any financial plan should be an appropriate insurance and protection plan, and to have legal documents such as wills in place in case of unexpected disaster. “the adviser advantage” is a study by envestnet, and it shows that a proper financial planning service can add the equivalent of 0.5 percent per annum. a financial planner’s job is to keep you on track with achieving your goals. the same study found that 55 percent of clients indicated that their biggest perception of value was the relationship with a trusted financial advisor. in short, clients feel they get the most value when the adviser is prioritising their needs and when they have the peace of mind that they’re on track to meet their financial goals.

advisers should have the skills required to create effective investment portfolios, allocating the optimal amount of money to each type of asset and diversifying globally. both can cause portfolios to become imbalanced and unsuitable for their goals. recent studies have shown that advisers add up to 1.6 percent to investment returns via effective asset allocation and up to 0.43 percent to investment returns when rebalancing portfolios at the right time. vanguard’s adviser’s alpha study reveals that an adviser can add up to 0.92 percent per year in returns by implementing cost-efficient investments. it also highlights why it’s important to be aware of very high initial investment fees and high ongoing costs as these can have a huge impact on the future value of your money. simon is regulated by both the hk confederation of insurance brokers (011833) and the securities and futures commission (bgy807).

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