sample of monthly family budget

i think we initially started with a newlywed budget that was just “spend nothing” — which, for the most part, worked. we still tended to the “spend nothing” budget but leaned a bit further from that because we were both making money, although not much. then we have household money each month, that totals just about 1k (much of this is variable expenses, but i try to average them here) on top of all that we pay 10% of our income each month to the church in tithingwe also contribute money to our savings which is included in our monthly budget.child care (while i am at work)  is not actually part of our budget because i feel like it’s a bill, i will talk more about it during my “pre-funding” post. we are putting a fair amount into savings each month to cover the masters that drew is getting, but we still make ends meet at home. ???? **i should add that the only debt we currently have is a mortgage. we are funneling the money towards a tuition fund, instead of to a loan payment.

i think mortgage/rent is the biggest part of a family’s budget and it affects everything else. i think my budget worksheet is a great place to start. of course we do not have to pay for health insurance as the public free system is pretty good here. i used to coupon and we had about a years worth of shampoo., soap, toilet paper, laundry soap, etc. i am a part time nurse (try to stay home some with my 2 year old) and my husband is a teacher/coach in louisiana. the only difference between our budget and yours is that we will go out to eat or see a movie maybe once a month with our family, but not every month. i guess we all just have to work within our budget depending on where we live.

at the time, we lived in wichita, kansas and owned our home, a 1600 sq. how do you pay for home improvements and repairs? if they need something it is included in with the wal mart money. if the kids want to be in more they have to pay for it themselves. i actually spend more with the kids gone because i have no debt and i only have one person to feed and i don’t need to be as tight with my money. and, i honor you and your family for keeping tithes.

i am on social security too and only have a bit over $700. her food bill is really not out of line if you only by non prepared items and make everything yourself. i live alone on my social security and that is all. we teach that you really figure your prices and then decide is this cheaper to make myself or buy prepared and then buy the less expensive. ssi is something different and i don’t have room here to go into the details to explain it all. if you are meaning tawra marie she started working when she was 15 and by the time she was 18 she had enough points from her work.

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example budget for a family of 5 ; weekly money $360 ($90/week) — this pays for groceries and any incidentals ; dating $100 sample family budget ; mortgage (includes taxes and insurance. also includes an extra $30 every month toward principal.) $855.00 ; sewer, water, and trash, $30.50. use these personal budget templates to stay on track and answer this crucial a personal or household budget is an itemized list of expected income and, family budget worksheet, list of household expenses template. how do i make a family budget monthly? how do you create a simple family budget? what should a monthly household budget include? what are the monthly expenses for a family?

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