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elon tech finance

the etch token is the foundation of tech valley. the 1st ever launching of elontech (etch) ido was done from 1st may to 10th may 2021 at a half-rate discounted price. a great opportunity to make a broader audience of elontech. etch will be released on the basis of the bsc and the bitcoin platforms. it’s compatible with third-party service wallets,

financial investment token technology

the vision of fitoken is a stable currency pegged coin that resides securely on the ethereum platform. trading on selected exchange the fitoken will reward early investors with a strong roi. fitoken is an exciting and rare investment and trading opportunity that addresses these issues utilising the highest levels of security offered by blockchain, and

decentralized finance technology

[3] as of october 2021, the value of assets used in decentralized finance amounted to $100 billion. through a set of smart contracts that govern the loan, repayment, and liquidation processes, makerdao aims to maintain the stable value of dai in a decentralized and autonomous manner. other platforms followed suit, leading to "yield farming" or "

financial modeling software for startups

before we dive into the technicalities and different elements of a startup’s financial model we are going to broaden our view a bit and address why forecasting in general is an important topic for startups. som is therefore equal to your sales target as it represents the value of the market share you aim to capture. if you are a startup founder and you