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to manage a strata well, you need efficient processes and procedures in place. the meeting minutes of an annual general meeting, special general meeting, or strata council meeting must be documented and made available to owners. our strata meeting minutes template lists all of the key items that you need to document during a meeting. our strata agenda template includes a comprehensive list of all of the key items that need to be included in an agenda. the purpose of bylaws is to give the strata corporation a way to manage, and maintain the enjoyment of the strata lots, common property and common assets of the strata corporation.

all you need to do is print or attach the form to your notice. the main purpose of the strata roll is to provide information about owners who live in the scheme. a strata management agreement is a contract that is entered into by the strata committee (on behalf of the strata corporation) and a property management company. strata levies are payments owners must make to cover the operating costs of the corporation. thank you for taking the time to look through our strata corporation templates.

(2) for the purpose of raising funds the strata corporation may, by resolution, levy contributions against all unit holders. budget: the chair/treasurer/manager circulated and presented the budget estimates proposal, and pointed out that there were various philosophies that could be adopted to establish a budget. it was resolved following discussion that the following recommended budget estimates be adopted. contributions: administration fund: in accordance with this resolution, the total quarterly contribution to the administration fund will increase to $_______   from  ___/___/___ or remain at $_______ . or contributions are divisible equally rather than by unit entitlement, as defined upon the deposited strata plan.

(requires a unanimous resolution if a change in how owners currently pay) the following is a proforma policy regarding overdue contributions. overdue contributions interest & fees: policy – overdue contributions interest & fees: that the payment of the corporation account notice is the responsibility of each unit holder, and accounts must be paid within twenty-eight (28) days of the due date for payment. if the account is not paid by the due date a reminder notice will be sent with a late payment charge of $11, including gst. the following allows for the recording of any special levies required. (unit entitlement) resolved that a levy totalling $# be charged in accordance with unit entitlement in respect of each unit, to those persons registered as proprietors of a unit at the date of this meeting. or (equally) resolved that a levy totalling $_______ be charged equally, in respect of each unit, to those persons registered as proprietors of a unit at the date of this meeting and be due on ___/___/___ for the purpose of ________________.

operating budget. strata property act: budget requirements. s103 (1) the strata corporation must prepare a budget for the coming fiscal year for approval by a strata’s operating budget consists of estimated income and expenses, 60 days before fiscal year – draft budget completed by strata manager. this budget template makes it easy for you to plug in numbers and present clear, factual information to owners. major categories are already, strata property act, strata property act, how to respond to strata complaint, what is a strata?, what is strata?.

meetings: budget in this and the following sections, we take you through the agenda of a strata corporation agm. legislation. 27—power to raise money. (1) approving the annual strata budget and paying strata fees exceed 10% per annum compounded annually; is not a fine and; forms part of the strata fees. stratajazz is the deepest advanced planning tool on the market, radically simplifying and streamlining how healthcare providers plan, budget, forecast and, . what is a strata budget? how much should a strata contingency fund be? how are strata fees calculated? can a strata corporation borrow money?

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