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this product is designed to provide a turnkey solution for financial professionals (particularly smaller companies), charitable organizations, accounting firms and law firms at a low cost. retirement projects retirement funding needs based on current resources, including social security, and calculates monthly savings needed to fully fund the retirement goal. a results screen then displays a risk tolerance level and a pie chart showing the distribution of the client’s investment portfolio between fixed income investments and equities.

the next screen asks for selection of risk level from low to high and presents a pie chart displaying the projected ratio of equities to fixed income securities for the risk level selected. this service (including the asset allocation calculator, education planning calculator, retirement planning calculator and survivorship calculator) is available from: pricing is based on the number of times all screens within a given calculator are completed to the point of generating a results page. kelley is a lawyer living in highlands ranch, colo., and is of counsel to the law firm of kelley, scritsmier & byrne, p.c. he is a past regent and past chair of the committee on technology in the practice of the american college of trust and estate counsel.

yet the reality is that it’s incredibly difficult to determine what is the best financial planning software… in part because advisors vary in how they use financial planning software in the first place, which means what is the “best” software for one advisor may be a terrible match for another. by contrast, cash-flow-based financial planning software typically aims to account for every dollar in the household – combining all the total inflows from various sources (income from wages and self-employment, portfolio income, etc. in today’s environment, most financial planning software is still capable of providing printed report outputs, but as financial planning software increasingly shifts from just being a “calculator” tool for the advisor to a collaborative tool to be used with the client, there is an increasing focus on whether and how the software can be used “interactively” with clients as well. and not all financial planning software is built to accommodate such a process of changing the inputs on the fly to see the impact on the outcomes. as financial planning software continues its transition from being an “advisor calculator” into a holistic “financial planning experience” for clients, an increasingly important aspect of financial planning software is the “portal” or personal financial management (pfm) dashboard provided to clients. notably, while advisors often ask for “all software to be integrated to other software”, in practice financial planning software often is not integrated to anything besides one of the aforementioned account aggregation tools to feed in account data, or perhaps a data input tool like precisefp.

the financial planning software itself has more of a cash-flow-based orientation than moneyguidepro, though not as “extreme” in its cash flow focus as some others, reducing the time for input and working with the software to analyze a client plan (though on the street, emoney still has a reputation for being somewhat complex and time-consuming to use). for those who just want the emoney client portal (and intend to pair the portal together with another financial planning software solution like mgp), the portal is available on a standalone basis for $1,944/year (paid as $162/month). one of the longest-standing financial planning software platforms around, moneytree originated in 1981 and has a strong industry reputation for not only the accuracy of its calculation engine but the fact that the software output includes an audit trail to allow every number in the planning output to be reconstructed. while the software is reasonable for this purpose, and some financial planners who don’t want to go that in depth may find the software of interest for “smaller” clients, experienced advisors who like to go in-depth will likely prefer other solutions that can do expedited planning as necessary, but that also have the capabilities to go deeper if necessary for a particular client situation. figlo is a financial planning software company based in the netherlands, with a strong presence in the advisor marketplace throughout europe. founded in 2013 by former financial planner hussain zaidi and his partners, advizr is one of the newest financial planning software companies, trying to make its mark in a crowded marketplace. overall, the “center of gravity” for financial planning software is dictated by market leader moneyguidepro, which prices at $1,295/year, and most other financial planning software companies are priced in a manner to compete or contrast with mgp.

sungard’s mywealthseries enables clients to input financial information, goals and planning choices to collaborate with their advisors. wealthstation is part of the broader sungard suite of technology tools designed to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for among the top financial planning software programs used by professional financial advisers, according to a recent survey, are moneyguidepro, best financial planning software for advisors 2021, right capital financial planning software, right capital financial planning software, best retirement planning software 2020 for individuals, financial planning software reviews.

sungard has launched wealthstation compact, a new financial planning solution that gives advisors the ability to produce results-based, holistic reviews, comparisons, evaluations, and commentary on most all financial planning software, investment software and personal finance software vendors. wealthstation compact is sungard’s financial planning tool that lets advisers because of the complexity of the software tools available., financial planning software free, kitces financial planning software. which is the most commonly used financial planning tool? what kind of software do financial advisors use? what is the cost of naviplan? how good is maxifi?

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