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to solve the problem, mr. springer and brandon rembe, who came aboard in 2003 as chief technology officer and now works as a managing director, began work on the product that would end up putting tamarac on the map: an automated rebalancing engine. in 2006, he was ceo of who’s calling, a private tech company, and was also on the board at tamarac. first, the tamarac technology actually delivered what it promised. “i was a little in the hot seat with my boss,” mr. abusaid recalls.

the technology allowed halbert hargrove to centralize trading and rebalancing to lighten the burden on wealth advisers in the field. a metric the team likes to share is that more than a third of rias with more than $1 billion in aum are tamarac clients. he had worked with envestnet in the past and was worried that tamarac would lose its small-company culture. “it gave our clients a lot of confidence and gave us a lot more visibility in the marketplace to bring in and capture attention and prospects,” ms. anderson said. “we’ve added on to the product, but while we did that, we’ve tried to maintain being very open and modular and recognizing we aren’t going to be the best for every firm.” subscribe for original insights, commentary and analysis of the issues facing the financial advice community, from the investmentnews team.

which, at the end of the day, could result in a smaller playing field of portfolio management systems for advisors, and a higher hurdle for any new offerings that will have an even harder time trying to differentiate themselves. doesn’t a large segment of the market believe that selecting the best-of-breed in each category is the best way to go? but they also see the value in having more and more parts of the wealth management life cycle inside their walls. but we only see a few m&a deals each year, and certainly not enough to even put a dent in the total. according to finra, there are around 3,500 broker-dealers, but the top 5% have most of the assets and advisor headcount.

firms targeting rias want to sell to enterprise, but the consolidation and crowding out of enterprises also means a newfound desire of enterprise solutions to shift into the ria channel, believing that there is greenfield for them in the other segment. they were a strong contender for the better part of a decade going up against envestnet, vestmark, and tegra118 in the enterprise space. this eventually led to (and i’m skipping a lot of time and iterations) what was called the env2 platform and is now just referred to as the envestnet enterprise platform, which targets the institutional segment and probably has the largest market share. around 2002, charles schwab launched portfoliocenter, one of the first ria custodians to build out a portfolio management application. but the inclusion of albridge in this particular survey category is wrong because they are not a portfolio management vendor, they are a provider of reporting and data aggregation services. still, my gut reaction is that smaller vendors, in particular, are most likely to be squeezed by the current crisis and look for a partner or sell themselves rather than going out of business.

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